Our graduates are now successful industry professionals and we’ re proud of them!

Most of our graduates began their careers with the help of our school career service.

After you graduate from any of our year-long programs, you can access our special services that support your job search and career development.  Ongoing education supported with FREE aftercare training, personal coaching and Portfolio Boot Camps provides the opportunity to collaborate and continuously update your knowledge with practical and comprehensive real-world skill sets.

We’re here to coach you to find “next step” experiences to build your career skills. We’ll help you explore possible career paths suited to your unique talents.

Free Aftercare Training

Fully integrate your learning with special guest tutors, who bring invaluable information to the passionate and creative ones who want to make it to the top of the profession.

We do our best to provide you with an opportunity for ongoing education and learning beyond the classroom walls.

The latest beauty trends ahead of time

The cutting edge techniques from VIP makeup artists

Opportunities to get advice and direction from leading professionals

Meetings with editors, designers, directors, and photographers

Business development workshops

Portfolio Boot Camps

* Some of the subjects are open to all students.

Portfolio Boot Camp

Photo Mimi Antolovic

Collaborating with a team of creatives is crucial to progress as a makeup artist. No one succeeds alone in this industry. That’s why we focus on helping you make the connections you need to strengthen your portfolio, learn how to work together and blend your vision, get the creative confidence to approach others and start creating amazing work. Your programme will end with an extraordinary event, where you’ll be able to experience an incredible week of team work, networking and creativity. You’ll receive feedback from expert tutors committed to helping you push your boundaries as a creative, and learn how to get noticed for all the right reasons.

Personal coaching on-demand

Photo Luka's Archive

It all about you, your clients and your career. We’ll partner with you all the way to success. Personal coaching sessions will help you develop the resilience, confidence and mental strength needed to make a creative breakthrough. You’ll discover what’s really most important for your career, design a plan to achieve your goals and eliminate any obstacles or blocks that stand in your way.


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Our campus, located in the heart of a modern film studio, houses several classrooms, a video and photography studio, cinema hall, administrative office and lunch area. Due to Slovenia’s geographical location just a short flight from most European countries, its beautiful landscape and stunning architecture, Ljubljana is the perfect base for study.

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