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Wether you are an absolute beginner or professional makeup artist seeking to enhance knowledge in a specific area of study, we’ve created programs, intensive courses and Master Classes which are designed to maximize creativity and reinforce the skills that are required to work at a professional level in today’s make-up industry. Mixture of lectures, demonstrations, hands-on experiences, project work, collaboration with other creatives and free aftercare program will help you to develop strong foundation for the life of your career.

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Are you a beginner, do you want to gain a solid breadth of knowledge? Our programs are perfectly suited to your needs!

Choose from full- or part-time professional programs based on industry standards and designed to provide comprehensive training in all aspects of your chosen career field. Upon successful completion of any of our professional programs a Diploma will be awarded and you’ll be ready to start a career in the field of your choice. Graduating from any of our programs qualifies you to apply for our student work placement and free aftercare program.

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Do you want to develop your specific expertise in one or more areas?
Our expertise courses are perfectly suited to you!

Select full- or part-time professional courses to expand a particular area of expertise that will best help you reach your career goals. Some of the professional courses are available as career-enhancement courses. Please note the prerequisite information listed in the course’s description. Upon successful completion a Certificate is awarded.

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Are you ready for extremely intensive training? Advance your skills with our Master Classes top industry experts!

Master Classes offer continuing education, keeping your knowledge up to date. They are led by established makeup artists, who pass on their knowledge, cutting-edge techniques and the latest tips and tricks as a wide range of subjects is covered in just one day.
Master classes offer invaluable information and are suitable for the passionate and the creative ones who want to make it to the top of the profession. Upon successful completion of Master Class you will be awarded with a Certificate.
*Some Master Classes are held regularly, while others will be announced as soon as they’re confirmed.

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Would you like to experience a summer of fun and creative training?

It is renowned for being fun, challenging, intensive and for some even life-changing. With the strong personal attention of our professional tutors, you will get fundamentals down, improve your makeup skills and acquire solid techniques in different fundamental makeup specialties.

LocationA school in a modern
film studio

Our campus, located in the heart of a modern film studio, houses several classrooms, a video and photography studio, cinema hall, administrative office and lunch area. Due to Slovenia’s geographical location just a short flight from most European countries, its beautiful landscape and stunning architecture, Ljubljana is the perfect base for study.

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