SFX Character and Basic Prosthetics Makeup Course

Create realistic simulated effects

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1 month
9:00am - 3:00pmMonday through Friday

This course teaches you how to create realistic simulated effects and focuses on character development skills required in the film industry. 


Beside traditional SFX makeup techniques it will equip you with the knowledge for creating realistic prosthetic pieces and the application process with proper coloration and blending.

This is your chance to upgrade your skills and expand your prosthetics portfolio in a professional, productive setting. It incorporates projects related to on-the-job experience and skill-building sessions, which will support your learning through practice.

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Who is it for

This course benefits makeup artists who are serious contenders in the film makeup industry and are interested in the creation of different movie characters with the use of SFX makeup and prosthetics.

It is suitable for absolute beginners with no previous experience as well as to professionals who wish to refresh their skills and seeking professional enhancement. If you are already a professional makeup artist, the course is tailored around you. Your tutor will assess your skill level and adapt the course accordingly.

You’ll establish strong technical skills in all areas of character makeup, including wig-making techniques, and learn basic prosthetic skills.

This course includes many projects that range from simple to extremely demanding concepts of character development .

Your weeks ahead

Over 4 weeks, you will attend 120 hours of classes with expert tutors, who will guide you through academically structured term times, allowing you extended practicing hours to concentrate on developing skills and accuracy in each area of your study.

Throughout the programme you will be assessed in practical assignments, create work and get access to exclusive opportunities on your journey of learning and professional development. You will learn the techniques and gain the skills that are expected within the industry

Get the insight into traditional techniques

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You’ll start your study with traditional SFX makeup techniques including advanced highlight and shadow, old age makeup, stretch and stipple techniques, bald cap application, facial hair, tattoos, wounds and burns, various realistic looks as well as all of the lifelike makeups and drawing with conceptual design in mind. You will learn the techniques of professional makeup artists and gain familiarity with new materials and tools.

How to construct a prosthetic makeup

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The second part of the course is designed to equip you with the knowledge on creating realistic prosthetics, and applying with proper coloration and blending. You’ll start by learning to sculpt, construct a small facial prosthetic and finish with knowledge on techniques and processes in creation of authentic wounds and injuries, e.g. cuts, burns, scars, bruises, blisters, bullet wounds, and stab wounds through constructing the differing types of molds.

Work in a special effects makeup department

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This course will give you the basic skills to work in a special effects makeup department. You will learn an entire prosthetic process and the fundamental job skills necessary to create and apply your own realistic appliances, for HD, television, film, theatre or print. You will create silicone gel-filled appliances, gelatine appliances and pros-aide transfer appliances, you will learn and practice the art of application, utilising proper placement, coloration and blending to create realistic prosthetic makeup creations.

Network with like-minded professionals

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From day one, you will be called into action, creating character makeup and effects. Benefit from creating your own original character, combining all your talents to bring a character brief into being. Your learning will be packed with practical activities that will equip you with the skills needed to continue transforming actors into characters. The course is an excellent opportunity to network and work alongside like-minded professionals.

Your weeks aheadWhat will you get

Learn from industry experts.

Get the insider's insight.

Curriculums by industry standards.

Lectures, demonstrations & hands-on.

Personal support & feedback.

Guidance in mentoring sessions.

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Program starts October 2018Apply today and save 140.00 €! Early bird pricing expires April 15th, 2018

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