Master Makeup Artist Program

For next generation of Master Makeup Artists

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10 months
9:00am - 1:45pmTuesday through Thursday

Year-long  program designed to develop your fundamental skills and kick off your career offers the most extensive training in every aspect of beauty makeup, on set hairstyling, career and portfolio development.


It provides all the essential skills and techniques that are required and tested for membership in all major Makeup Artist Unions.

If you’ve got commitment, we’ll help with the rest. You’ll have access to expert tutors, create work, get personal feedback, collaborate with a network of creatives and learn the career skills needed to break out in the industry.

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Who is it for

This program is designed for dedicated and ambitious students who aspire to break out and claim their place in the fashion, print, video, commercials, stage performances, TV  or film industries.

It is suitable for absolute beginners, no previous experience needed.

If you are ready to push yourself as hard as you can for a professional career start your journey in the Master Makeup Artist Program.

Your year ahead

Over 10 months, you will attend 640 hours in person learning with industry experts, who will guide you through academically structured term times, allowing you extended practicing hours concentrate on developing skills and accuracy in each area of your study.

Throughout the program you will be assessed in practical assignments, create work for your portfolio, meet a team of creatives, photographers, hair stylists, fashion stylists and models, work with a personal coach, and get access to exclusive opportunities on your journey of learning and professional development. You will learn the techniques and gain the skills that are expected within the industry by Chief Makeup Designers.

Upon completion, you’ll be ready to begin your professional career. Diploma from this program qualifies you to apply for our student work placement and Free Aftercare classes.

Learn the Fundamentals of Fashion makeup

Photo Mimi AntolovicMakeup & HairTina Andrejevic

Mastering the art of beauty makeup is an essential skill to learn, no matter what medium or industry you’ll choose. To help you get ahead in a crowded industry, we have designed your makeup training in such a way that you can truly emphasise the skills and attention to detail required for beauty makeup application.

After you learn all the basic corrective makeup techniques, you’ll upgrade your knowledge with subjects which will allow you to achieve a wider range of skills and techniques in becoming a professional makeup artist.


Get the insight into different mediums

Photo Kristina Pavlov's Archive

What’s expected when it comes to editorial images, photography, and catwalk shows, and what set of responsibilities does a makeup artist have when it comes to advertising jobs? You’ll learn the logistics of shooting, collaboration with creatives on the set, how to respond to a brief, researching the client, creating mood boards, starting the creative process and delivering finished results. The opportunity to talk and work with photographers, models and creative directors will uncover the technicals concerning on-set lighting and the main differences the makeup artist should be aware of while working for different mediums.

Learn to think out of the box

Makeup Iva Milenkovic - Master Makeup Artist Program Alumni

To break out in todays competitive industry you need to learn how to think out of the box. This program will help you unleash your creativity and learn how to do more than just great makeup. We’ll take a deep dive into the creative process, show you how to use your imagination for creating innovative images, giving you insight into the importance of research and knowledge on how to translate your ideas through conceptual thinking, enhancing your skills further, and designing the concepts that your clients will love.

In order to be able to work confidently the responsibilities of Chief Makeup Artist will be clarified, as will on-set terminology.

Essential on-set hairstyling

Hair Aska Kajtazovic

When you start your career in the industry, versatility will be expected of you. Mastering basic hair styling techniques give you a leg up in competitive hiring scenarios. We’ll concentrate on the basic fundamentals of hairstyling, from simple blow-drying techniques to creating modern styles or elaborate, period-inspired hair designs. Incorporation of daily projects related to on-the-job experience and skill-building sessions will encourage your learning by practice.

Project work

Photo Aska's Archive

Throughout the 10 months of your program you’ll be assessed in practical assignments and projects, to learn how to be able to respond to real industry briefs. You’ll gain insight into what it takes to be Chief Makeup Artist, how to make your ultimate breakthrough, how to develop ideas and keep yourself inspired and how to find your own style. The project work will challenge you in different areas, so you’ll be able to understand what parts of yourself you need to develop.

Master your career and get ahead

Photo Petra Katanic
Makeup Agnes Krown
Production Emma Wendt & Agnes Krown
ModelMatthew @NewGeneration Models Amsterdam

Whatever your aspirations in the industry are, you’ll need to discover what sets you apart from the others. Throughout the year, we will expose you to all the career possibilities, along with arming you with the knowledge and mentality needed to flourish within it. We’ll help you to identify your goals, and create a clear plan for how you can get noticed and secure the work that you want. To gain the insight into what’s right for you, you’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from the people who book makeup artists on jobs – producers, editors, designers, photographers, and directors.

Portfolio Boot Camp

Photo Petra Katanic
Makeup & Hair Agnes Krown
Model Sanne @EliteAmsterdam

Collaborating with a team of creatives is crucial to progress as a makeup artist. No one succeeds alone in this industry. That’s why we focus on helping you make the connections you need to strengthen your portfolio, learn how to work together and blend your vision, get the creative confidence to approach others and start creating amazing work. Your program will end with an extraordinary event, where you’ll be able to experience an incredible week of team work, networking and creativity. You’ll receive feedback from expert tutors committed to helping you push your boundaries as a creative, and learn how to get noticed for all the right reasons.

Your months aheadWhat will you get

Learn from industry experts.

Get the insider's insight.

Curriculums by industry standards.

Lectures, demonstrations & hands-on.

Personal support & feedback.

Free Aftercare service.

Ongoing education.

Guidance and portfolio reviews.

Mentoring sessions.

Set your career goals.

Collaborate and get noticed.

Portfolio Boot camps.

Download the SyllabusGet the full breakdown of what happens in this program

Financing optionsFund your

Choose from full or part time year-long* professional programs that are designed by industry standards to provide comprehensive training.

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Program starts September 2018Apply today and save 420.00 €! Early bird pricing expires March 15th, 2018

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