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3 months
9:00am - 1:45pmTuesday and Thursday

The ultimate all-in-one resource and how-to course for artists who hope to freelance in the top echelons of beauty, fashion, advertising, and film. 


Whatever your background, if you’ve got talent and commitment, the course instructors will help with the rest.

You will work towards building your portfolio, begin to learn vital career development skills to prepare yourself for a freelance career in a selected field of study and gain an honest picture of what it takes to master the industry and get ahead.

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Who is it for

The course will help professional makeup artists and hairstylists, whether they’re just beginning their careers, in transition, or trying to bring it to a new level.

You will get step-by-step instructions on where to start, exactly what to do and how to build a strong portfolio that gets you work.

It incorporates many projects related to on- the-job experience and skill-building sessions, including collaboration with other creatives at our extraordinary Free Portfolio Boot Camp.

Your weeks ahead

Over 12 weeks, you’ll be involved in in-depth training on building your business, goal-setting, free-lance career, marketing tools, entrepreneurship, and management.

Throughout the programme you’ll be assessed in practical assignments and get access to exclusive opportunities on your journey of learning and professional development. You’ll spend weeks in a professional environment to recreate real world experiences on a set, respond to real industry briefs, analyse your work with professionals and work on your portfolio development.

You’ll establish strong career skills that will help you master the industry and get ahead.

Getting started

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In the beginning, it’s important to recognize that the foundation of your success starts with formulated career objectives so you’ll be able to set and achieve your goals. This course will help you to find a starting place and familiarize you with career options that are at your disposal. Whatever your aspirations in the industry are, you will need to discover what sets you apart from the others. Throughout the course, we’ll help you to identify your goals, create a clear plan for your career and secure the work that you want, along with arming you with the knowledge and mentality needed to flourish within the industry.

Hear directly from industry insiders

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This course is your answer on how to get noticed from a creative decision-maker, how to maximise exposure, and how to promote yourself and get involved in the creative community you want to work with. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with industry insiders, photographers, editors, designers and directors, to gain deeper understanding from a number of different perspectives on how to really succeed as a makeup artist. Hear directly about what they expect from makeup artists, learn how to impress and maintain relationships with them, what they are looking for from your portfolio and how to stand out from the others.

Master your career and get ahead

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Whatever your aspirations in the industry are, you’ll need to discover what sets you apart from the others. Throughout the year, we will expose you to all the career possibilities, along with arming you with the knowledge and mentality needed to flourish within it. We’ll help you to identify your goals, and create a clear plan for how you can get noticed and secure the work that you want. To gain the insight into what’s right for you, you’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from the people who book makeup artists on jobs – producers, editors, designers, photographers, and directors.

Build your portfolio

Makeup Iva Milenkovic Alumni

Throughout the 2 months of your course you’ll be constantly assessed in practical assignments, self-presentation and attitude. You’ll translate your work into a strong portfolio through a series of photo shoots and other challenging projects, from conceptual designing to team work and mood board presentations. As we prepare you to be fully equipped, we’ll introduce you to the tools of the trade so you can promote yourself effectively and start your career the day after you finish your studies.

Collaborate to create

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Collaborating with a team of creatives is crucial to progress as a makeup artist. No one succeeds alone in this industry. That’s why we focus on helping you make the connections you need to strengthen your portfolio, learn how to work together and blend your vision, get the creative confidence to approach others and start creating amazing work. Your programme will end with an extraordinary event, where you’ll be able to experience an incredible week of team work, networking and creativity. You’ll receive feedback from expert tutors committed to helping you push your boundaries as a creative, and learn how to get noticed for all the right reasons.

Your weeks aheadWhat will you get

Step-by-step on where to start career.

Get the insider's insight.

Curriculums by industry standards.

Lectures, demonstrations & hands-on.

Personal support & feedback.

Guidance in mentoring sessions.

Develop strong portfolio.

Learn from industry experts.

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Program starts April 2018Apply today and save 120.00 €! Early bird pricing expires February 15th, 2018

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